We welcome you to Team Shift. I was pleased to hear that you accepted the media position with Shift Today Ministries, and that you’ll be joining our team Shift Wednesday, March 28. You are joining us at an exciting time of year. We are hopeful that with your fresh ideas, hard work and enthusiasm, this will be one of our best ministry years yet!

You’ll be working closely with me for the first couple of months, until you get to know our routine here. Don’t hesitate to call, or email me if you have any questions before your first day. 

As we discussed during your interview, we are projecting unprecedented growth throughout this year in our ministry, and are counting on you to help us get there. I want you to know that our ministry leadership, staff and volunteers are here to support you personally as well as on the job while you are here with us.

To complete your job acceptance, please complete Form W-4 (2018) below, print and bring with you on your next work day. I look forward to growing with you throughout the year.

Welcome aboard,

Pastor Nina Roach