Speak and Rest

By Nina Roach

Suddenly, a violent storm came up on the sea, so that the boat began to be swamped by the waves. Yet Jesus kept sleeping. — Matthew 8:24

What caught my attention in the passage above was, “Yet” Jesus kept sleeping. He kept sleeping because His confidence was in God’s Word when He told His disciples that they were going to cross over to the other side. So though they mattered to Him, He was not concerned about the violent storm that had come upon the sea.

Jesus came to earth with an unstoppable mission to gather His scattered sheep from all the unreached places in the world and teach and preach to them the gospel of grace and how to operate the principles of the kingdom of God. All authority in heaven and earth was given to Him to accomplish God’s will.

Jesus demonstrated the Word of God to show His followers that this is how they would obtain results. He used words to curse the fig tree, heal the centurion’s son, cast out demons, and spoke to a violet storm and rested. The Holy Spirit is reminding us today to declare God’s Word confidently in faith and rest from reasoning and works of the flesh.

To help you speak and rest, we have resources for you, iDecree daily declaration of faith, and Journey through the Word weekdays for a minimum of 15 minutes. Jesus is willing to show you a sure way to get results. Are you ready to learn? It’s time to speak and rest!