Overcoming Unbelief

By Nina Roach

“Then I believe. Help me with my doubts!” —Mark 9:24

I want to let you know today that you are not alone with not believing in the promises of God. It is hard sometimes to take God at His Word. I too struggle many times with trusting God. And it is very liberating to write this sentence.

Struggling to believe doesn’t diminish my love for God or stop Him from moving on my behalf. It just takes me a little longer than others to get past a lot of the ungodly beliefs. My soul needs a lot of shepherding and attention that only the Holy Spirit can attend to gently.

So whenever you see me on display through writing weekly devotionals, holding a mic to speak, or collaborating with others, know that it wasn’t easy as others would like to think. It took for me personally quite a bit of time to convince my soul that God’s Word is true.

 I convince my soul a couple of ways. I say what God has already said about me and or my situation through the iDecree daily declaration of faith and take 15 minutes or more to Journey through the Word. Join me if you are struggling with unbelief. God understands and has given us the way to overcome through His Word.