By Nina Roach

What we have seen in the news all over the world that there has been an assault against all of God’s creation. There has been a war going on in the heavenly realms for centuries. You must know that our adversary hates us because we are not his creation. And therefore we must gain a heavenly perspective of these dark times that are upon us.

What is God doing in our midst? He is remaining in His position as El Elyon “God the Most High” finishing the great work in us that He “started and finished” in Christ Jesus.

He is pouring out His grace upon us in hopes that we would turn our eyes, ears, and hearts to Him.

I hear the Lord comforting us saying, “Don’t fear!” When calamity comes it isn’t I who sent it. I sit in the heavens looking to and fro for a people who will let Me show Myself strong through them. I am Sovereign. I don’t change. Though I Am God I can’t do anything legally in the earth to help your nation without your permission. If you check my history throughout My Book you will see my consistent pattern of how I work.

I always chose “men, women and even children” to deliver My people. What did they do? They said yes and I did the rest. I gave them My Word and they considered how they listened. They prayed My Word only and I moved.

I am waiting to move again through a people who will say yes to Me. I want to stop these attacks that I see the enemy strategically planning day by day as he knows that his days are numbered and this is why you see an increase of wickedness in the earth. He has launched an all out attack to kill, steal, and destroy as many of My creation that he can and this grieves and saddens My Spirit.

Satan knows that these attacks lead to fear that paralyzes you not to gather in community. As he loves to isolate you and feed you as many lies about each other and Me as he can. Don’t allow him to bewitch you.

Stay in My Word as often as possible that is life. I am not here to hurt you, why would I do that when I created you? Would you hurt your own children? Just remember that I am here and you can connect with Me at any time through prayer. Many of you are discouraged ultimately because you don’t believe Me and you don’t know how to reach Me. Others tell you to pray and seek Me that have no results from their words. I will teach you how to pray and reach Me with results. Just believe Me.

Read My Word first. Build yourselves up in My Word. In the beginning God...