And before someone can go and tell them, that person must be sent. It is written, “How beautiful is the person who comes to bring good news.
— Romans 10:15

Father God, You spoke the world into existence in the beginning and Your Word communicates with us still to this day. I give thanks for our Media Team—staff and volunteers that diligently come with one intent and motivation and that is to honor You and partner with us. Help us Holy Spirit in our mission to advance the Kingdom of God in our local communities and the world through technology. We are all in unity and have the mind of Christ as we take hold of our assignment within Shift Today Ministries.

Everyone on our Media Team has the Holy Spirit resting upon them to produce excellent and creative work as they work diligently for Your glory. You have given us technical skills and abilities with the Spirit of wisdom, integrity, insight, and judgement in our work. Together we are a powerful voice that are making waves through the airwaves for the powerless and obscure men, women, and children. We are bringers of knowledge, clarity, insight, and the reverential fear of You Lord to an uncertain and confused world.

Manifest Your wisdom Holy Spirit as You cause us to reach for the highest professional standards and resources when our faith and time are being stretched. We ask that You continue to give us Your favor Father God that surrounds us like a shield. May our Media Team keep a competitive edge over the world and resist the temptation to follow their precepts, jump to conclusions or cut corners to get results without You.

Our Media Team is always ahead of schedule in all of our work that we produce as we carefully plan our way. We prosper in our goals by Your counsel Holy Spirit. You are the One who keeps us on track. Grace, truth, creativity, and beauty are the hallmarks of our Media Team.

We believe Holy Spirit that those who You lead to engage and experience our work through print media, social media, television, radio, worship experiences, community gatherings, life groups, children’s ministries, conferences and anything that Shift Today Ministries sponsors from our platforms their lives will be forever transformed from the inside out. We will leave memorable experiences in the hearts and lives of others that they will never forget through our creative work.

This is my effectual and fervent prayer as the righteous in Christ Jesus. I believe that I received all these prayers answered when I prayed in Jesus’ Name. Amen! Thank you Lord.