Partnership is a covenant relationship between two or more people that are committed towards a single vision that is greater than themselves. At Shift Today Ministries, we don’t take partnership lightly.  As co-laborers in Christ Jesus, we understand the shared benefits of our communication, triumphs, faith, defeats, finances, and our futures that are joined together as we accomplish the will of God. This is why we value our Partners. 

When you decide to become a Legacy Partner with Shift Today Ministries, it is not just you partnering with us, but it is also us partnering with you.  Our Legacy Partnership through our prayers, resources and ministry gatherings has great spiritual and natural benefits to help you grow successfully as you fulfill your God-given destiny.

Together we are boldly proclaiming the flawless Word of God to a flawed world with great expectations of transformation wherever we go and whatever we do. We look forward to partnering with you and transforming your life for good, so that you too can transform the lives of others. Whether you are one of our existing Legacy Partners with Shift Today Ministries or prayerfully considering partnership, we want to say, “Thank you!”