Journey through the Word


The Word of God is a great source of encouragement. It is alive and active at all times, just one single word from God can transform your life forever. By journeying through the Word throughout the weekdays, you will develop a great habit of exploring your faith and developing a personal relationship with God.

The good news of Jesus in the New Covenant can’t be overlook! His life-giving message reveals that God validates all people who have accepted His provision for salvation, the Holy Spirit gives spiritual life, God’s presence is approachable, the Word is written on the hearts of people and no longer stone, righteous living is possible by faith, and lastly followers of Christ are progressively transformed into God’s image as they live out loud the gospel in their daily lives and the world is impacted.

No need to play catch-up again, hear the Word of God personally for yourself. Announcing such great news like this inspires seekers and believers to journey through the word weekdays and use the weekends for other activities. Start your journey today!