Get Your Faith Up written and video testimonials are not polished or manipulated. The Faith Builders that have shared their success stories from Next Level Nina's 21 Day Get Your Faith Up Challenge accepted the challenge, put in the time and work to experience only what The Master Coach could accomplish for them.

—Next Level Nina


Starting the Faith Builders Challenge was challenging.  Not because I didn't want to do it, but because I went through various challenges getting started.  Such as: all of sudden not having time, or being constantly side tracked and being discouraged easily. The great thing about this challenge was answering questions from the study each day. I had to write them down, which helped me to stop and think where I was in my faith. I learned about my level of faith and it inspired me to trust God even more.  It also made me intentional about doing the things that would lead me closer to Jesus.  The Faith Builders Challenge helped me put my focus back on God and not myself.

— Maritza, California

I am so grateful for the Faith Builders Challenge for helping me so much to just be REAL with my Friend and Master Coach —Holy Spirit. I completely surrendered all my deepest hurts and pains and He was so gentle and kind and allowed me to receive freedom and knowing I can rest in Him. I am going to do things God’s way. Thank you Holy Spirit for the Faith Builders Challenge. I will now continue to rest in You.

— Carol, California

This challenge really is taking me to the next level. I am noticing things happening and realizing all God’s intervention.

— Gina, California

I began the Faith Builders Challenge as soon as I heard about it at the Wednesday Worship experience with Next Level Nina, which was about 5 days in after it had already started. I reasoned in my mind that I could catch up and that 5 days behind was not too bad and I could easily get on the same page with the others in no time. Thinking I heard from the Lord, the thought had occurred to me to just start where everyone else was (on day 9) and take about 2 -3 hours or so to knock out the rest of the days that I was behind in and it would be all good. I followed the instructions and proudly posted it on the Faith Builders Hub, “The Lord dropped it in my spirit to complete Day 9.”

Praise God for the intervention of the Master Coach through His assistant Coach Next Level Nina. He showed me, how I begin things hastily and that I operated in pride with my own reasoning. Everything I have done was all performance based and in an old religious mindset. The truth had been revealed to me and I know it was the Holy Spirit. It was spoken with such love and revelation. I knew in my heart, it was time to humble myself, take off the mask of pride, and start the Faith Builders Challenge where I was and not to be with everyone else. Since beginning where I was which was almost at the end of the entire challenge, I have learned how to truly activate my faith and to follow after the Holy Spirit. A shift has happened in me! On Day 2 I realized, no longer must I ask the Lord for change. Asking for change meant, I was doing my part by asking Him while doing all the other performance based actions and the rest was all up to the Lord.

Shift is a better word, it moves, it progresses forward and requires something from me. It shows a difference in me that I wouldn’t have otherwise have seen without the Faith Builders Challenge. I am now following after the Holy Spirit, losing my performance based actions and pride in order to gain something, my life is changed. I see the Word so different now, my faith is activated and alive. The Master Coach has intervened and cut down unhealthy roots in my life. Roots of pride, performance, my own reasoning, anger, lowly thinking and negative thoughts. I am flooded with His light, it has dispelled the darkness that I lived in for so long.

All of this has happened and I’m only on Day 7! Praise God and thank you Master Coach for using Next Level Nina to bring this gift of transformation through the Faith Builders Challenge.

— Rochelle, California

I would like to share my eye opening, heart opening,  soul opening experience that I had with this challenge.  Everything was so easily laid out for me to follow and learn each days training module and meditate on what was being taught to me. I can honestly say that I was able to overcome my challenge with the guidelines that were given to me. I thank God for my Personal Faith Builders Coach Nina Roach and how she interacted with me personally and helped me right when I and the other Faith Builders needed it. My walk has grown more with the Lord and I'm so happy I followed this challenge through. Thank you Jesus!

— Lisa, California

My experience with the Faith Builders 21 Day Challenge was a fulfilling experience from beginning to end. I happened to stumble across upon Next level Nina’s post about starting her first Faith Builders Challenge from what I thought was an accident. I had been looking for a job for months and a friend suggested that I look on Facebook. Social Media can be a distraction by looking at what people are doing and I wasn’t on my page but a few minutes before I saw Next Level Nina’s message that instantly inspired me. Nothing done by the Master Coach is an accident! This wasn’t about anyone else or anything else except for the message that He was speaking through Nina’s video. I knew I needed this in my life at this specific time.

I was experiencing many challenges and I wasn’t in a good place. I needed a Personal Coach. The Master Coach made her available to me and others. She took us step by step through the 21 Day Faith Builders Challenge with a lot of encouragement and accountability to our destination in faith! It was a humbling, much needed release of self experience!

The outcome was knowledge of how to build a relationship with the Master Coach by grace through faith and making it an activity of daily living. We shared our experiences that we felt comfortable sharing in a private Faith Builders Online Hub. I found strength courage and perseverance through connecting with the Holy Spirit. I found the importance of the Word daily, standing on it, boldly using my voice, and meditation, prayer, humbly, thankfully and patiently looking forward to receiving the promises and praising Him!

Being involved in a program where your Personal Trainer is led by the Holy Spirit is the business! I look foreword to my next level!

— Tanya, Chicago

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