Freedom For a Baggaged Heart

Some of you were sick because you’d lived a bad life, your bodies feeling the effects of your sin; You couldn’t stand the sight of food, so miserable you thought you’d be better off dead. Then you called out to God in your desperate condition; he got you out in the nick of time. He spoke the word that healed you, that pulled you back from the brink of death. So thank God for his marvelous love, for his miracle mercy to the children he loves.
— Psalm 107:17-21

By Nina Roach

I never realized as a girl, teen and a young adult at the time how I was packing unwanted luggage that later became baggage in my soul. With all of the baggage that was in my heart, it seemed almost impossible for me to receive anything from God or anyone else and have clear directions for my life.  

I am sure you can relate to some degree to this post. There is nothing like coming to our own awakenings that would lead us to admit, if there are going to be any changes made in our lives, it must begin in our hearts. In my mid-thirties I could not take the heaviness in my heart any longer. I was ready to stop blaming others and start receiving the freedom that was made available for me. It was time to face my pain and the tormentors of my soul by connecting with others who had experienced freedom. It is never too late for you to be free as well regardless of your age.

The good thing about inner healing ministry when it is Holy Spirit led through prayer, is that others accompany you and share your pain with great empathy. Imagine if you will, God hand-picking others to strategically come alongside of Him to bring forth His healing for you. I have benefited greatly from inner healing ministry.  I also maintain my freedom by saying what God has said about me, allow the Holy Spirit to search my heart often.  I surround myself with safe people who I can transparently share my heart with and receive prayer.

Do you want to be free?  If so, ask the Holy Spirit today to reveal who you need to take alongside of you or ask Him to send others to help you unpack your unwanted baggage.  Jesus came to set you free and it is time to experience and enjoy the benefits of His freedom. Do not let another day, month or year be consumed with unwanted baggage in your heart. Start unpacking your soul today.

Decree It: Jesus Christ is God's answer that provides freedom and healing. He is the solution for sin. He came to set me free once and for all and I am free indeed.  I choose to be led by the Holy Spirit to maintain my freedom.