Carry Out the New Plan

I, Paul, am on special assignment for Christ, carrying out God’s plan laid out in the Message of Life by Jesus. I write this to you, Timothy, the son I love so much. All the best from our God and Christ be yours!
— 1 Timothy 1:2

By Nina Roach

God took away the old obsolete plan in the old covenant and gave those who would come to believe in Him a better plan found in His only begotten Son Jesus. This new plan had better promises that weren't contingent upon our actions. Praise God for that! This new plan was all about God and how He would fulfill His desires for a people who would take hold of the Message of Life that Jesus laid out for them.

We can never execute any plans within our lives without first hearing, believing and receiving the pitch of the gospel of Jesus that is given to us. We have to make a decision that this plan is the one that we will carry out. What does it mean to carry out the plans of God? It means to bear the weight; to hold or support while moving; to take from one place to another; to pass on; to express or contain.

The plans of the world are governed by the ancient ruler of darkness that is filled with plans of traditions that never change, old religious do-it-yourself messages, rules and laws that are burdensome and lies. The plans of God lead each of us to the source of life, humility, obedience, dependency, faith, grace and truth that ultimately lead to freedom. God's plans never trip us up nor do they bring us disappointment, disgrace or deception.

Carrying out God's plan is our priestly work. Now you may be thinking when were you ordained to be a priest? I will spell out some of the responsibilities of the High Priest. The High Priest would oversee the responsibilities of the junior priests, share the will of God with the people and conduct the annual Day of Atonement service for the sins of the people and himself.

Jesus' priestly work far surpassed the previous priestly duties as He worked from a far better plan. 1 Peter 2:9 confirms that we are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a special people for God's own possession, so that we may proclaim the excellencies of God who called us out of darkness into His marvelous light. So can you see now how we are the ones chosen by God for the high calling of priestly work?

Our work is to carry out the Message of Life that Jesus shared with us. Also Revelation 1:6 tells us that Jesus made us kings and priests to His God and Father, to Him be glory, and dominion forever and ever. Forever means without end. 

For you to live whole and well you must speak whole and well from the Message of Life by Jesus. The Holy Spirit has been ordained by God in the Godhead to bring to pass every part of the Word of God that you speak from God's Word. Now is the time to get and carry out the new plan, the revelation of the mystery concealed for ages past that will strengthen others with the gospel and the message that we preach about Christ.

Decree It: Jesus Christ is the Chief Cornerstone and the Source of my life. He is the High Priest over my confession. The Holy Spirit will bring to pass the words that I speak from God's Word. I decree and declare today that I will keep and carry out my priestly work, this faith and love rooted in Christ, exactly as Jesus set it out for me. The Message of Christ that I am carrying is as sound as the day I first heard it from God's Word. I will guard as a priest this precious assignment placed in my custody by the Holy Spirit who works in me and those who will hear the Message of Life that I share.