The Builder of All Things God

For every house is built by someone,
but the builder of all things is God.
— Hebrews 3:4

By Nina Roach

As Believers, who share in the heavenly calling, we are to consider Jesus who is the Apostle and High Priest whom we confessed as ours when we accepted Him as Savior. Jesus is the Builder and the Establisher of our faith. The Word of God, namely Jesus, was faithful to His Father who appointed Him over all things. Someone builds every house, but the builder of all things is God.

From the onset of creation, a house doesn't build itself: houses representing churches, families, people in general, bodies, minds and emotions, purposes, finances, relationships, marriages, businesses or ministries, they are built by and upon Christ. All their successes are owed to Him alone. Just as all their failures are the responsibility of those, who build anything without Him. When we don't build our houses upon a good foundation, they will crack and falter. Psalm 127:1 tells us, "If the Lord is not helping the builders, then the building of a house is to no purpose: if the Lord does not keep the town, the watchman keeps his watch for nothing."

Our houses: listed above have a pre-designated purpose. And this is why it is crucial that we get to know the Builder-God, who will help us successfully build His blueprint and keep it all together for His glory.  Jesus who is the Contractor must be at the root or the beginning of all of our endeavors. Just the thought of this brings relief and peace to me. Knowing that I am not alone and I'm guaranteed success because everything that God creates works if I build with Him.

I am aware that those who don't have a relationship with Jesus, this can make them feel very anxious and frightened. Just the thought of relinquishing everything to Jesus can be unnerving, as they have ruled and ruined their houses for so long. There is hope today.

If this sound like you, I have good news... Keep reading.

In the beginning God... As I reflect over a few of my past failures as well as successes, I can attribute my successes when God was at the starting point with me, and I stayed with Him, and when "I" was at the beginning of my plans without Him, I failed badly. One specifically being my marriages. My first two marriages were without God in the center of them, and my remarriage to my first husband was with Him from the beginning and 23 years later.

I remember hearing on my death-bed (literally), that I was to go back to remarry my husband. God's plans for our remarriage was strategic. He ultimately led me to marry Him for the first time and used my remarriage as a tool to do so. Though there was much training that I needed and lessons to learn about my relationship with God, and gaining an understanding about my marriage and my role as a wife to my husband God's way, Jesus was the Builder and has been the Keeper of my relationships.

You never know how good your foundation is until storms and crisis test you. And believe me, my life and our marriage have been hit by the enemy and by ourselves. But through it all, our God is faithful to keep what is in His possession. Glory be to God! Thinking of other times even in my businesses, I have experienced God’s faithfulness over a period of 29 years through recessions and other adversities because Jesus was at the root of them.

I pray even now that you are getting a glimpse into your life and the houses that you have built with God and without Him. This post isn't meant to bring guilt, shame or condemnation. It is meant to point you back to your roots, give you a fresh hope and a new start that your future deserves. It is meant to encourage you to build again what God is leading you to build. The key is to not leave the Builder and the Establisher out of the process.

Today, put Jesus right in the mix, smack dab in the middle and keep Him there. Go back to your first Love who is for you and not against you. Are you ready to begin to build for the first time or again by faith something beautiful, lasting or something great? Are you ready to partner with God? He is ready to partner with you. You can do it! And build it well, build it strong and lasting with God Himself who is the Builder of all things. 

Decree It: I am not the original builder. God is the Builder of all things. The Word of God builds, establishes and keeps my life, health, finances, my marriage, relationships and all that concerns me. I build my houses by and upon Christ who is the hope of glory within me. I cast all worry and care aside in the building process because God cares for me and He is with me. I am not alone. God lives inside of me, and He is building something that is beautiful, something that is great and lasting. I do not need to figure it out. I have Jesus who is my Apostle and High Priest and the Good Shepherd who is always leading me by the Holy Spirit. I repent of building my life, goals, and dreams without God. I turn back to God, who is the Author and Finisher of my faith today. God be glorified today. I am ready to build for the first time or again with you. I love you.