In fact, all creation is eagerly waiting for God to show who his children are.
— Romans 8:19

By Nina Roach

From the onset of creation, we have not created one thing that we are now enjoying. God created the heavens and everything in the earth for His good pleasure and ours too. We have not created our marriages, our children or our opportunities, ideas, faith, life, love and all that we see and can partake of.

Do you realize that we have not created the “sin” either that we were all born into as humanity? Adam and Eve did, they got us all on the sin track. Satan took full advantage of their one wrong choice and here we are today experiencing the results of sin all throughout the world. We were doomed—notice I wrote “were." They originally carried the glory and the nature of God. And because of their one bad choice their nature changed.

But oh it is a new day!

Jesus came to restore our nature back and gave up His body sacrificially for sin until its claims, grips, and influences were justified by God and destroyed forever. Now we have opportunities daily to carry and manage the glory again. Carry and manage hope again, carry and manage God’s love and all that He has created especially His faith to get the results we need in the earth again. Believers especially carry the revelations of God revealed through the Holy Spirit, this is a mystery to our enemy.

The revelation of God is Satan’s greatest nightmare!

And you want to know why? It is because he can no longer interrupt the plans that God has revealed to us because he does not know them. We know them! We know the way now back to our Father God and how to get results and we can share what we know with others.

If Satan would have known what God was planning before the foundations of the world, he never would have killed Jesus. Now Jesus is everywhere once we accept Him! He is in you and He is in me. Praise God!

Today, just don’t carry the glory, faith, love of God, hope, healing, delivering power of God, manifest it and manage it. This is what the earth has been waiting for to be revealed. It is time for YOU to be revealed today—God inside of you. The key is to give birth to Jesus in your heart—spirit and manifest and manage all that He has gotten back for you.

Give birth to the New You!

Get this in your spirit today. You and I have been called to give birth or manifest and manage all that God has created by His spoken Words. We speak and act just like our Father.

Decree It: I am a carrier of the very nature and presence of God. I have the glory, faith and God’s love shedding abroad in my heart by the Holy Spirit. I choose to be revealed and will be all that God says that I am starting today.