Ask with the Right Motives

Ask, and the gift is yours. Seek, and you’ll discover. Knock, and the door will be opened for you.
— Matthew 7:7

By Nina Roach

I have discovered and learned a principle of asking God for all that He has given me through Christ. And there have been times that I have asked and I did not receive because I asked amiss or from an unbelieving heart.

What does it mean to ask amiss?

To ask amiss basically means that we are asking for God to fulfill a request with the wrong motives in our hearts—selfish intentions. I remember days when I was so broken, what I thought were prayers were really complaints. I was asking God out of doubt, rejection, hurts, and brokenness.

Those prayers never got answered.

The Holy Spirit has done such a great work in my soul, that now I am mindful of the motives of my requests from Him. One of the strategies that I have learned is to ask myself “Why do you desire this or that? And I get still to go deep within my soul and allow the Spirit of God to search my heart. If at anytime He reveals anything that is a “soul want” or what He has not planted or intended for me to have or experience, I allow Him to gently reveal that to me as a loving Father does.

Today you too may be asking for possessions or manifestations that are already yours in Christ, check your motives, ask with the right motives and from a believing heart. Ask your Heavenly Father from a secure place in Him.

Decree It: God has given me all things before the foundations of the world.All things are mine. I come boldly before the throne of grace to make my request known unto Him. Holy Spirit search my heart. If I am asking anything from You from an impure place in my soul reveal it to me, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.