Jesus Plus Nothing

So now I constantly boast in you I can never thank you enough! Pause in his presence.
— Psallm 44:8

By Nina Roach

As believers we must make sure that we constantly make our boast in God and not in the resources that others have created that may benefit us. Being in so many communities with others, I often hear how others attribute their successes by what they tried and done without boasting in God.

Beware of that!

Even when others do not understand make your boast in the Lord. Share with others that it was God alone that gave you that promotion, led you by revelation knowledge to a solution or a person that had what you needed.

Jesus is the Word of God and it is God’s Word that leads and guides us into all truth. I like to say, “It is Jesus plus nothing!” Also we must be aware that when our boast is not in God the mighty culprit of pride magnifies itself through elevating the flesh above God.

Remember, that is how Satan fell from heaven like lightning, he exalted himself. Selah.

Let the Spirit of God take the lead and show you the way by His Word. It is Jesus—the Word plus nothing. Give Him the glory for everything that He reveals to and through you.

Decree It: I make my boast in God today. He alone gets all the glory for every good thing that takes place in every area of my life. It is the Word—Jesus plus nothing!