God Will Fulfill It

I, the Eternal One, will speak, and what I speak will be fulfilled without delay.
— Ezekiel 12:25

By Nina Roach

Many plans are in our hearts, but the purposes of the LORD will prevail. God will always fulfill His Word that He has spoken. One of our greatest privileges is to pray. Through our prayers we can ask the Holy Spirit to cause our thoughts to become agreeable to what God has already spoken over us.

Agree with God…

This is what Abraham finally did. He agreed with God, not by necessarily making the request above, but He finally realized that he and Sarah could not fulfill the plans of God without Him. And they gave up with toiling in their flesh and surrendered to the initial invitation that God had set before them.

God is the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Every promise that God shows us or causes us to remember is coming to pass—God will fulfill it. Today, make a decision to align yourself to God’s perfect will for your life. It has already been written. From the passage above, He has clearly stated that the words that He speaks will be fulfilled without delay.

Believe it!

Decree It: I believe the spoken Word of God. He will fulfill His spoken Word over me without delay. There are no more setback, holdups or delays concerning the promises of God.