Consider the Cost

An impulsive vow is a trap; later you’ll wish you could get out of it.
— Proverbs 20:25

By Nina Roach

A Proverbs a day as I like to say keeps stupidity and foolishness away.  Just reading a chapter a day of Proverbs can save your life, save your time, money, relationships and your resources. Proverbs gives us so much knowledge, wisdom, and understanding on how to live out our lives effectively.

For an example when I read Proverbs 20, what really stuck out to me was verse 25 about an impulsive vow and how it is a trap, and you'd later wish you could get out of it. Wow, I have been there before so many times, wanting to help others or join a team or a group and not prayerfully considering the cost of what it would take from my prior commitments, time, money, strength, and resources.

The definition of impulsive means to act without forethought.  In other words, these were not thoughts taken into consideration prior to my response.  If you have experienced this as I have, we just hastily blurted out, sure or count me in or even stated no or not at this time without any consideration of the opportunities that were awaiting you.

Let's start giving more forethoughts to our invitations or solicitations by prayerfully considering the cost so that we are not trapped by our responses.  And if you have given someone your word, keep your commitment or send them a note, text or phone call letting them know your initial intentions and that things have changed. 

Decree It:  I will live my life without regrets. Today, I will decide to prayerfully consider the cost before I give impulsive vows to God and responses to others. I trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding and in all my ways I acknowledge Him, and He will direct my paths.