The God Kind of Faith Comes

So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ.
— Romans 10:17

By Nina Roach

The God kind of faith—saving faith does come! How you may ask? By hearing the Good News about Jesus Christ.

No one can ever have faith in God without hearing the message about Christ. Jesus came to show us who God the Father is, demonstrate His unconditional love, and show us how to receive all that He had accomplished on the cross for us.

There are two kinds of faith: Natural faith and the God kind of faith—saving faith. We were all born with natural faith that causes us to live by our five senses in this three dimensional world. This kind of faith cannot always be trusted. Natural faith has many limitations.

The kind of faith that can be trusted without limitations is the God kind of faith or saving faith. Saving faith has been measured out and imparted into every born again believer after they have heard, believed and received the Good News of Christ preached.

The God kind of faith—saving faith is a supernatural gift. This is the faith of Jesus that He has given to each of us so that we can believe the Father to do His work. The only work that we have been assigned to do as citizens of the Kingdom of God is to believe.

Believe what?

Believe in the Good News of the One that God has sent to us—Jesus Christ. This is why it is so important to let the God kind of faith come and arise in our hearts daily so that we will believe and act upon every word that God has spoken. Our faith in God comes and increases from hearing what is told, and what is heard comes by the preaching of the message concerning Christ.

Decide today to hear what is told about the Good News of Christ so that faith—the God kind of saving faith can come and increase. Respond to what you have heard from the word of God and enjoy the benefits of your salvation.

Decree It: Before I can trust God in the many areas of my life, I have to listen to what is preached about Christ. And if Christ isn’t preached, there’s nothing for me to listen to. Today I will decide to let the God kind of faith—saving faith come by hearing what is told of the message concerning Christ in every area of my life and partake and enjoy all of the benefits of my salvation.