You Have Jesus' Spiritual Authority

I’ve given you true authority. You can smash vipers and scorpions under your feet. You can walk all over the power of the enemy. You can’t be harmed.
— Luke 10:19

By Nina Roach

Jesus the second Adam came to destroy the works of the devil once and for all. Adam transferred God's power to Satan legally by his own free will. And the only way God could lawfully get His power back to rule on the earth was to create the body of Jesus Christ and cause His thoughts to become agreeable to His will.

This meant complete surrender and trust to God's supreme rulership. And through the allegiance of Jesus to His Father He declared often, "Not my will but Yours be done."

God's Kingdom and our position can now be restored forever. Hallelujah!

The last Adam—Jesus got back all the authority of God, and then He turned around and transferred it to every Believer who would come and follow Him. That is the key to get results in every area of our lives—come and follow Jesus. 

We can rule over God's creation as He had originally intended because Christ transferred the same spiritual authority to us in the earth over the curse. Jesus transfers this spiritual authority through words. Words have power; they can contain either death or life in them.

When we say what God has said to our mountains, situations, and trials, His very words have all the power and authority in them to change and move our situations for good. We are defeated and powerless when we allow Satan to infiltrate our speech with his poisonous words.

So the next time something comes up like a bad report, sin tries to trap you and lead you back into bondage or a mountain is in your way to steal your peace and joy, open up the Bible and gather the promises of God in His Word and declare them boldly. Every time you do this, you will see your mountains and situations submit to God's supreme authority coming out of your mouth.  

Decree It:  I have been given power and authority by God through Jesus Christ.  I rule and reign and have my being in Christ Jesus. And no weapon formed against me will prosper. I have authority over the curse that is in my way. I am powerful in Christ Jesus! I am seated now in heavenly places with Christ Jesus. I am a world overcomer. In Jesus' name, Amen.