Stop the Thief in Your Finances

I tell you the truth, whatever you forbid on earth will be forbidden in heaven, and whatever you permit on earth will be permitted in heaven.
— Matthew 18:18

By Nina Roach

Jesus can not forbid in heaven what you allow on earth or shall I say what you permit in your finances or any other area of your life.  To live by faith in your finances and within your measure that you currently have until God increases you, things have to come to a point when you stop charging and chasing the newest, biggest and better thing.

The makers of all the toys in the world tell you when to buy a car or when they think you should upgrade to a new phone, a bigger screen television, and a bigger home to put it all in.  

Today is a good day to stop allowing the thief, the devil himself from stealing your future prosperity by his pitches through others or suggestions through your senses.  God wants you to have your portion of The Blessing so that you can be a blessing to others and live in joy and peace with the rest that is left.

Stop the thief from stealing from your portion of your inheritance. You have the power to choose!

Decree It:  I forbid the thief from stealing my inheritance from God.  I choose to live within my portion with joy and peace. I will continue to give as God increases me.  I am blessed by God to be a blessing. I am out debt and my needs are met by God and I have plenty to give to worthy kingdom causes, plenty to save and invest, and plenty to live off of all the days of my life. I am free from the curse of poverty and lack!