Consistent Faith

For I am the Lord, I do not change but remain faithful to My covenant with you; that is why you, O sons of Jacob, have not come to an end.
— Malachi 3:6

By Nina Roach

Consistent faith will keep us and teach us how to be content no matter how good or bad our situations appear. To be consistent means unchanging in nature, constant, regular, steady, stable, even, undeviating or effect over time.


I believe the acid test of consistent faith would be how well are we developed in our faith to wait on God when we are under pressure, trials or influenced by the suggestions of sin. Do we give in to the pressures, trials or suggestions? Or do we remain unchanging and undeviating in our nature so that we will have a greater impact over time?

Though living a life of consistent faith is possible, it is not easy at times in a changing world. Consistency most times falls by the wayside with so much change. In consistency lies the power of our breakthrough, success and contentment.

Learn the lesson that Paul learned. He found the secret to contentment in his life and ministry when there were signs of challenges and frustrations. It was his consistent faith and trust in God that caused him to rise to the top.

Is there an area in your life where you are lacking demonstrations of consistent faith? If you notice I did not say lacking consistent faith. You have consistent faith within you because you have God inside of you and He does not change.

Today is a new day to develop your faith and be consistent in your faith in the midst of the storms and pressures of life. Jesus said while we were here in the earth prior to His departure that we would have trials and tribulations, so let’s do our best to prepare and successfully overcome each of them and be content while we are in them with consistent faith.

Decree It: I am like my Father God. I am content, steadfast, immovable, unchanging, even, regular and always abounding in His work, knowing that in the Lord my labor is not in vain. I have consistent faith within my spirit to overcome anything that I am faced with today.