Fumbled Faith

Immediately the father of the boy cried out with a desperate, piercing cry, saying, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief.
— Mark 9:24

By Nina Roach

At times we all fumble with our faith. We stop believing what is authentic and cease from trusting God’s promises. At times we inadvertently create our own limited plans for manifesting the plans of God.

Our ultimate work that God requires of us is believe.

I remember facilitating one of my ministry trainings and I used this analogy about fumbled faith. I transparently shared how I did not stay in my race to advance the kingdom of God by believing the promises that He had for me concerning a certain matter. Instead of believing I got distracted by the things that were against me and it just looked like the promises of God were never going to come to pass.

I dropped the ball of faith in the middle of my game, I had made the fumble.

I had the faith though! It was just on the backbunner awaiting to arise again. Awaiting for me to get back up and believe again.

No judgement for me or any of us! Our God is faithful to His promises even when we stumble and fumble in our faith to believe and trust in Him to do His work. Take a moment to thank God for His faithfulness.

At the end of the day it is necessary for us to get back up, get our faith up in God and His promises and start believing again.

Are stumbling and fumbling in your faith today?

God sees you, hears you and cares for you. Through me today He is saying, “My child I am with you, I will never leave you though you fall and fail many times in your faith to believe and trust Me. I will help you believe Me again and again and again. Get back up! Together we will cross the finish line of faith that pleases Me. I love you.”

God is so good. Today get back up, take baby steps with trembling faith and uncertainty. Remember, though your way may look uncertain you have a God that is certain and secure with your future.

Decree It: Today I do believe; help me Holy Spirit overcome my unbelief. I have decided to get back up with the faith that I have and forget about what lies behind me. I can not change my past but I sure can make a difference in this moment to believe God again and make a difference in my future. I always triumph even after I have fumbled in my faith.