Increase Your Joy

I have no greater joy than this, to hear that my [spiritual] children are living [their lives] in the truth.
— 3 John 4:1

By Nina Roach

Believers in Christ Jesus are God's spiritual children. Therefore we are called to walk in the truth and maintain our joy and life. Increase your joy and eliminate the sins that so easily beset you. Sin and unforgiveness decrease your joy and increases fears, stress, blood pressure and irregular heartbeats.

Be released from all the enemy's fears today by receiving God's perfect love that takes away fear and let praise arise to your God. Praise proceeds every one of your victories. Rest in His promises and presence.

What has taken place in your life is a temporary situation with a permanent God that has been right along your side to help you. Renew your commitment today to God and reignite the fruit of joy within you.

If your joy is starting to dwindle, stop it! Reevaluate your relationship with Jesus Christ to make sure that you are upholding your position of righteousness that was bestowed upon you. Don't allow anyone or anything to interfere with your joy.  Our Heavenly Father gets so excited and overflows with joy when His spiritual children are walking in truth and allowing the rivers of joy and life to flow out of them to others. Let it flow!

Decree It: Life and joy are within me and flowing out of me. I bring my Heavenly Father joy today, and I increase my joy by reframing from sin and living my life in truth.