An Appetite for Good

An appetite for good brings much satisfaction, but the belly of the wicked always wants more.
— Proverbs 13:25

By Nina Roach

Usually, when you think of your appetite, you automatically think about your body's natural desire to satisfy a bodily need. I want to expand your mind also to consider gaining an appetite for good. Your newly created spirit man has desires too that are supernatural to satisfy its appetites.

You were born again for good and to accomplish good.

From my own experience, my very soul is totally satisfied when I do good and speak well of others. Also, it shows just how much I have matured spiritually by allowing the word of God to take root in my heart.  

So how is your appetite for good?

Have you reduced your intake of God's word that teaches and reminds you to do good by God, yourself and others? Or maybe you may have gotten a little off track and have been swallowed up by the cares of this world and busyness.

Today, choose to get back up and on track if you have strayed and get a healthy appetite for good and look for creative ways to express the good you have within you that brings much satisfaction. 

Decree It: I am God's workmanship, and I am fearfully and wonderfully made by Him. God created me anew in Christ Jesus, which He prepared in advance as my way of life to be and do good.