Moments with God

Set Sail

One day Jesus said to his disciples, “Let’s get in a boat and go across to the other side of the lake.” So they set sail.
— Luke 8:22

Just Us Summer Soul Moments

By Nina Roach

Due to past traumatic experiences and soul wounds your soul may not have had the opportunity to set sail in your imagination or in reality.

Today receive the invitation to “get in” the boat and set sail to the other side.

Last week you were at the beach and today the crowds are starting to arrive early and find moments of relaxation near you on the sand. Jesus has His eyes on a nearby location surrounded by lots of greenery and serenity.

This place looks quite serene for the two of you to be together as His senses that you are desiring to open up your soul and share some things that have been on your heart for a really long time. He is wanting all of your attention.

Because you have been busy lately and surrounded by so much noise this site may look wonderful to you and yet feel quite awkward because it is so quiet. But it’s okay. Take a risk and go anyway. You may want to bring a light sweater because who knows how long you two may there. Refreshments are already packed with all the foods and snacks that you enjoy. Jesus is really looking forward to spending time with you. He cares for you…

Truth Be Told: Jesus desires that you receive His invitations. When Jesus got in the boat His disciples were willing to follow Him. As you take an act of faith to join Him today be open to answer a few thoughtful questions. Be willing to follow Him. The purpose for these questions is so that you can pour out of your soul, your deepest hurts and fears that have led you to anxiety, and even share some general concerns that you may have.

Your Invitation Today: The time of the day is perfect and the sun hasn’t quite settled yet in the hottest part of the day. Cross over to the other side and engage your soul and create some new shared experiences while you are there with Jesus.

Your Soul’s Imagination: What a picturesque above! Smell the freshness of the leaves. Rub your hands through the leaves. What does the texture of the leaves feel like? The scent of the water is fresh. Hear the birds lightly chirping nearby. Look again at the ripples and calmness of the water.

Step Into the Boat: Have a seat on the front row. Jesus has made plenty of room for you. He will be navigating the boat while you enjoy the scenery. He has now stepped into the boat with you with all your reservations and will begin to set sail to other side. You may be wondering already what’s on the other side. There have been times that you have wondered what is on the other side of some of the past things that you have experienced and even inquired what good could have come out of those experiences. Your thoughts were focused on running, hiding and just finding ways to escape the madness that you have endured in your soul.

The thought may have never entered into your mind at the time where was Jesus in all of this. Now is a good time to ask Him since He is sitting right there in the boat with you.

Take a deep breath in this moment. Let the Holy Spirit encourage you to ask Jesus, where were you? Listen for His response.

Jesus has already set sail and not only is enjoying the surroundings of this serene place, He also senses that you are ready to receive answers that you have longed to ask Him. Let Jesus also be Himself in this moment without putting any pressure upon Him. As He too has thoughts and feelings too. Let Him be free to share His responses without interruption. This is a two-way conversation. Jesus’ responses to you may not be the ones you anticipated to hear. Be open and let Him share.

Jesus is rowing the boat.

Turn around and look at the gentle smile upon His face. Look at His eyes as He is looking at you. His hair is glistening. Because you may not even know where to begin He initiates the conversation, “What is on your heart right now, I really want to know?”

Share Your Heart: Tell Jesus all about it! Fill in the blanks in your conversation with Him. The day when… pour it out to Him. The time when… share “that time” and how it made you feel. The person that… who is that person or people that you want to talk to Him about. Or I am… express yourself. What is it that you want to share about yourself to Jesus? He is listening.

Listen for Jesus: Listen for Jesus’ response. While you have been pouring out your heart and soul, Jesus has been listening also within to hear what His Father will say to you. He never makes up words to share with you. His Father God gives Him the exact words that produces peace, real and eternal life. And that is what He shares from John 12:49.

He will respond in many different ways. But be assured that you have just heard from your Father. Enjoy this shared soul experience. Write out what you hear, what you see, and what you sense in this moment. You are nearing almost the other side. Thank Jesus for being in the boat with you. As you have released some things from your soul and gained more soul territory that has been refreshed by His presence.

Next Week: You are invited again next Saturday, July 20, 2019 for more new shared “Just Us” Summer Soul Moments. What is on the other side? Let’s see. Invite your family and friends.

Keep sharing your heart, listening, and journaling the responses of Jesus.