Don't Despise the Smallness

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.
— Zechariah 4:10

By Nina Roach

God always has thoughts of increasing us on His mind. He wants us to receive the Blessing that He finished through Jesus. He rejoices to see His work that begins in us. This is why we should never despise the small attempts that we make. There were three nails that pierced and suspended the body of Jesus Christ who had the vision to save humanity and restore His humanity. There was also a crown of thorns that was placed upon Jesus' head that caused Him excruciating pain and to mock His claim of authority. Jesus had such great stress levels as He faced death that even in His agony His sweat became like great drops of blood that flowed out through His pores. All for our well-being. 

Jesus had the passion of His Father to live out His purpose and was moved by compassion to reach us with His love and then to teach us how to love. For the sake of today's post, I want to remind you basically to never despise small beginnings. The smallest objectives, the smallest choices of obedience, the smallest steps towards your goals, the smallest responses, the smallest of your time and the small gifts that you give away. As long as you have the vision of God in mind and the right motivations in your heart then get going and start small.

I believe God gives each of us what we can handle and He knows our levels of tolerance and influence. If we are going to make a difference and have a greater impact in whatever He is calling us to, we can't afford to despise the wisdom and instructions that He provides.

So what does despise mean?

It means to treat or regard with contempt; to disdain; to scorn; to have the lowest opinion of; to cast off or reject and to hate extremely.  Can you see today why it is so important to take and hold God's thoughts in high regards and not despise the things that He reveals to you through His Word, Holy Spirit and others?

Moses had a small staff that God used to part the Red Sea. David used just one of his small smooth stones to smite the giant Goliath and God was glorified. Four young boys were despised for standing up for what they believed by honoring God. Their choice for honoring God with their eating habits and not eating from the king's table resulted in them being blessed by God with more knowledge, skill in learning and wisdom far beyond their years. Esther had a small amount of time to save her nation. Mary had a small Seed placed in her womb by just saying: “Be it unto to me according to thy Word.”  We also have a small portion of our income to give that rebukes the devour for our sake. 

What will you decide to no longer despise in order to have the promises and blessings of the Lord? I believe that we will be fulfilled as we begin to take the steps that the Holy Spirit reveals to us. God rejoices when we begin and take ownership of His plans. Remember the vision is aching to come to pass within our lives. 

So how will you know that you have not despised what the Holy Spirit reveals to you in areas of your life, marriage, ministry, health, relationships, finances etc.?  By the small responses that you take.  It starts first with filling your mind and heart with faith-filled words and images from God and then making a decision and being determined to take small steps. Having faith without any muscle or action behind it is dead and of no effect.

Decree It: God uses small things that He places within my realm of influence. And I take hold of what He reveals to me today. I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.  I am a doer of the Word of God and not just a hearer only. God has decided to increase me and I am increasing little by little. I stand firm upon the Word of God as I fill my mind, heart, and mouth with His truth. I choose to no longer despise the smallness.