Choose the Debt You Will Owe

Don’t run up debts, except for the huge debt of love you owe each other. When you love others, you complete what the law has been after all along.
— Romans 13:8

By Nina Roach

Now is the time to choose what debt you will leave behind for your loved ones. Many years ago when I got hold of this truth from God's word about completing what the law has been after all along, I did what was needed for me to no longer run up debts. I performed plastic surgery on my credit cards that carried balances and I no longer replied to credit card offers by mail.

I truly believe that when we make up our minds concerning anything that God has said, it almost seems like the process is accelerated for good with His help. Credit card debt carries a lot of unnecessary burdens that could even affect our physical and relational health. Many marriages have split up due to debt and children have been impacted by their parent's negligence because of heavy workloads to pay off debts. We will one day leave "things" to others unless Jesus returns soon.

I would rather leave a legacy of principles lived out by faith from God's word, God's love shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Spirit, wisdom and wealth than loads of debt. Today you can make a choice to get out of credit card debt, so that you can fulfill the covenant in Genesis 12:2 stated by God, "And I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you [with abundant increase of favors] and make your name famous and distinguished, and you will be a blessing [dispensing good to others]." Now that sure sounds good to me. Once the blessing arrives upon you and I from God, we can then begin to dispense good to others. In other words, help others in meaningful ways that ministers to their well-being. This is a great legacy to leave. Remember the way you live today is how you will be remembered tomorrow.

Decree It: According to Romans 13:8, I owe no man nothing except for the huge debt of love. As I love others, I complete what the law has been after all along. I believe by faith that I will leave a great spiritual and physical inheritance of love and wealth for my children's children, so that they can continue to dispense good to others in Jesus' name. Amen.