Beware of the Thief

The serpent was clever, more clever than any wild animal God had made. He spoke to the Woman:
“Do I understand that God told you not to eat
from any tree in the garden?
— Genesis 3:1

By Nina Roach

Satan is a clever seducer. He attempts to steal from God's people at any given time the love God has for them, and also truth and reconciliation through Christ. He knows how to trap us and at times he understands God's Word more than we do. But God reminds us that we belong to Him, created in His image and likeness and we know His voice.

We know all that we need to know when we are with God because He reveals to us the privy revelation that is a mystery to the enemy. When we allow this clever serpent to twist the truth that we have received from God as Eve did, we too will find ourselves ashamed and uncovered. We will start making other coverings that only God can remove by His grace.

As Believers, we must be aware of the thief and continue to be transformed by the renewing of our minds and declare the truth from God's Word. We must pay attention to what we are listening to all around us and in our heads. When a thought, idea or suggestion comes to contradict the Word of God, open up your mouth and say what God has said. Remember we live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.

Decree It: I am a believer and not a doubter. I believe and speak every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. I act upon the truth from God's Word and I am blessed in my deeds.