Listening Right Where You Are

No one can have faith without hearing
the message about Christ.
— Romans 10:17

When I first got started with understanding the principles of the word of faith, my life was in such chaos and dysfunction. I am so grateful for the Holy Spirit for opening up my eyes to see a way out for my soul. The Word of God is spot on to show you where you are in every part of your life at all times and how to escape strongholds and enter into His freedom and goodness.

The key is to listen to the good news of Christ Jesus right where you are. No matter how bad your situation is God is there with you. When I first heard about Jesus being the Bread of Life before I became a Believer and how He was the Resurrection and the Life, I desired "that" life where I could feed off of Him daily.

I wanted His resurrection and life that would lift me up out of my mess and get me off of the paths of sin. I had heard of Him being the Light for my paths and I needed Him to order my steps and be the lamp unto my feet in my marriage, mind and finances. I could go on and on about how my spiritual appetite and thirst became full as a result of listening to God's Word and taking small steps towards freedom from what I had heard.

None of us can have the faith we need without first hearing the message about Christ. Now can you see why the enemy likes to keep you listening to other junk rather than hearing messages about Christ? The best message I have ever heard was about Jesus being the Lamb of God who takes away the sins that I had.

I no longer had to struggle on my own. There was grace and mercy for me and a remedy that removes sin completely and Jesus was the cure. He was and still is the medicine that we can ingest every day. I would never be where I am today and have spiritual and physical blessings of the Lord if I had never heard of the message about Christ and believed every word that was preached and taught about Him.

Do you want to get started today right where you are and experience life, a better marriage, have your finances in order, be spiritually and physically fit, have your children saved and get your personal life in alignment with God's will?

You are in the perfect place to take one small step every day by opening up your Bible.  Even if you only have a few moments to read two verses or the whole passage for that day, ask the Holy Spirit, "What are you speaking to me right now?" Listen to His response, so that you can take an action of faith and witness the changes He makes in your life.

Benjamin Franklin once quoted, “Well done is better than well said.” We can't do anything that is well done until we first hear what has been well said. Wow! That just came right out of me. Listen today and be blessed.

Decree It: I am growing because I am hearing and adhering to God's Words. I am made strong and encouraged by the Holy Spirit as I am listening right where I am to Him.