Powerful Results

For every promise from God shall surely come true.
— Luke 1:37

By Nina Roach

As you begin believing and saying what God has said in spite of what you see, hear and feel you will experience powerful results.

Over the years I have observed and experienced my words that were not God's words.  And I did not like the results. I remember hearing the Holy Spirit saying to me like a bomb igniting on the inside of me, "You said it and now you are witnessing your words come to pass."

This caused me to reevaluate the power that I have residing within me, God's creative power. Your words like mine can be God's instruments to create what we desire to see in our lives. For with God nothing [is or ever] shall be impossible. Heaven and earth shall pass away but the words of God shall never disappear.

Today, give God a chance to work in every area of your life by believing and declaring His word. You will discover that He is always faithful as you witness every promise come true.

Decree It:  Every promise from God to me produces powerful results once I speak them.