Administer Faith

But Abraham never doubted. He believed God, for his faith and trust grew ever stronger, and he praised God for this blessing even before it happened.
— Romans 4:20

By Nina Roach

Doubt and distrust are two big enemies to your faith. Doubt and distrust makes you question God's credibility, question His promises and question His character. In order to move on to the places, people, purposes and good plans of God that He has planned for you, you must get rid of doubt and unbelief completely. You must become immune to doubt and distrust and administer faith, the God kind of faith. How do you do it? You start with believing God.

What I have found in my walk of faith with others is that they "know" God can do what He has promised, but where they get stuck and fall short is "believing" that He can and will do it for them. As a Believer you are not impervious to God's Word. Everyone gets in on it.

Recently I was thinking of my granddaughter who was getting all of her immunizations. Her parents were making sure that she is administered in a timely manner all of her vaccines to stimulate her body's immune system so that it will be strong and able to protect her against any subsequent infections or diseases.

This is what the Word of God does too. The Word of God is medicine to all of your flesh according to Proverbs 4:22.

When unbelief and distrust show up while you are believing God for what He has promised you, don't start questioning God concerning His nature and promises. That's your cue to reinforce the promises of God by saying them aloud, that's your cue to tightened the reigns and administer or release your faith by your words and actions. That's your time to trust God even more so because you are getting closer to visibly seeing what He has promised you in the spirit and like Abraham you will grow even stronger.

The devil wants you to believe his doubt and his unbelief so that you don't trust God. You were called by God a Believer when you were born again. God didn't name you a Doubter. When doubt and distrust show up as they will, use your weapons of praise and give glory to God in advance for the impossible thing that He will do. Lift up a standard today and administer faith. 

Decree It: I am fully satisfied and assured that my God is more than able and mighty to keep His Word to me and to do what He has promised me. Though this is impossible for me to do, it is possible for my God to do the impossible. I believe that I receive the promises of God and I am growing stronger and stronger every day in my faith in Jesus' name. Amen.