Be the Gospel

“The world is awaiting you to make a difference”

Matthew 28:19-20

July 7, 2019 - August 31, 2019

TAKE the 8 Week Challenge

“Make the Shift Today and Be the Gospel”



July 1, 2019 marks the 182nd day of the year. This means that this could be another opportunity to reevaluate your commitments and reconsider the new year’s resolutions that you dissolved this past spring.

By now if you are an active attendee or volunteer in your local church community or life groups you have listened to tons of sermons and testimonials, received prayer, and encouragement.

This summer join the 8 week challenge to “Make the Shift and Be the Gospel.” At Shift Today Ministries we are leaving our comfortable weekly seats and four walls of the building and hitting the streets this summer at our own pace. We will still connect through the “Cloud” to receive prayer, testimonials with videos and photos, and a weekly 30 minute inspirational huddle online.


Inspiration: Be inspired and encouraged midweek Wednesdays starting, Wednesday, August 14th, 21st , 28th from 6:00 AM - 7:00 AM PST with Pastor Nina as she shares an encouraging discipleship message for everyday people who join this mission locally and abroad and releasing praise reports and testimonials showcasing those who have made the shift and being the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Be the Gospel: Don’t stop! Keep on singing! Make his name famous! Tell everyone every day how wonderful he is. Give them the good news of our great Savior. Take the message of his glory and miracles to every nation. Tell them about all the amazing things he has done. Psalm 96:2-3

Make the Shift this Summer and Go!

Prayer of Protection

  • Give extra love and attention to others

  • Help family members that are having challenges

  • Gather up neighborhood teens for a bonfire, picnic or sports activity

  • Give up your convenient parking space

  • Buy an extra gift card to Jamba Juice, Yogurtland or Starbucks

  • Share your discounted coupon at the store

  • Pay for someone’s light, gas, cell phone, or credit card bill

  • Volunteer at your local community pantry or charity

  • Give hugs and encouragement to struggling teens

  • Mow your neighbors grass

  • Visit your local library and read to small children or learning adults

  • Give an extra 10 dollars to the person in front or behind you in the store

  • Visit other local church communities without judging their style of worship

  • Pray for Pastors or leaders before, during, and after ministering

  • Give fresh flowers and a get well card to someone that you don’t know in a hospital or recovery home

  • Donate blood

  • Pay for someone’s meal while you are out dining

  • Buy an extra concert ticket

  • Share something that you know that would benefit others

  • Pay for a freelance nail technician or hair stylist to a young mom who needs personal care

  • Help a friend pack or unpack their furnishings

  • Babysit for a young couple needing an afternoon refresher

  • Buy gas cards to help send a few college students back to school

  • Create your own way of being the gospel

  • Be fun

  • Share your testimonials and whatever you have to give to others

Ways to Post Your TEStimoniES

EVERY DAY PEOPLE being the gospel

Testimonies of Being the Love of Jesus Christ…


“I'd rather see a sermon than hear one any day.”

—Edgar A. Guest