Shift Today Ministries Ordination Program is a two-year program designed to empower and equip ministry leaders serving in their perspective ministries and callings in the five-fold ministry, and have cultivated a godly lifestyle. Our ordination credentials may include, but is not limited to, online and in-house training, volunteer community services with partnering ministries and organizations locally and abroad, as well as ministries hands-on ministry opportunities with Shift Today Ministries. At Shift Today Ministries, our intent is that everyone called to the five-fold ministry ((i.e. apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor and teacher) go deeper to discover, develop and deploy their spiritual gifts and callings, and embody faith and excellence in ministry. We train ministry leaders to be transformation agents in their realms of influence by sharing the gospel of the kingdom of God with signs and wonders following the Word of God and with a demonstration of the Spirit’s power.

The cost of our Shift Today Ministries Ordination Program is $2250.00 excluding books, materials and missions trip. For all applying candidates, we require a $25.00 non-refundable application fee to process your application and to help cover the cost of licenses and certificates. This will also provide a good record of each candidates contact information in case of an emergency or if needed for future contact should the relationship end. Lastly, this creates  an opportunity for our leadership and governing bodies of the association to once more confirm that each candidate agrees with the sincerely held doctrines and beliefs of Shift Today Ministries. By having each applicant complete and sign an application for ordination, the ministry will have record of each applicant acknowledging that he/she has read and is familiar with our written doctrines and beliefs.

We believe that as a ministry, it is important to have records showing that our ministry leaders are qualified based on our ministerial credentials. Requiring (48) community service hours per year, (120) of training per year, (60) hours per year of ministry practicum which is fulfilled through various areas of Shift Today Ministries, and a exam be taken and passed with a minimum requirement score of 80% does just that. In addition, requiring candidates to take and pass an exam helps to establish that candidates go through a “considered, deliberate, and responsible act.” The exam will be issued upon the completion of our required criteria. These questions test each ministry leader’s familiarity with the Word of God, class materials and hands-on training just to name a few. To begin our Shift Today Ministries Ordination Program complete the ordination application and submit the ordination fee to process your application.