Moments with God 
“Because You Matter Most to Him”

By Nina Roach

Come to Me First

October 11, 2017

Dear friend, listen well to my words; tune your ears to my voice. Proverbs 4:20 The Message

Over the years in my life and marriage I have received great ideas and suggestions, but the best advice that I have received has come from God’s instructions. In the past I got into a lot of trouble because of ungodly counsel. And not knowing what the word of God had said for myself didn’t help it as well.
The best advice that I have received from God was when he specifically told me, “Come to Me first.” Now you may be thinking that it has to be more involved than that. And it is! Let me explain… By coming to God first is where I have found the wisdom and understanding that I needed concerning my life, marriage and other situations that required my attention. His comfort and peace benefited me greatly when my emotions were in shambles. I got healed when I was sick and broken-hearted just by being in the presence and God first. I could have called and stood before others to try to meet my own needs. But the companionship that I have grown to love and enjoy with the Holy Spirit compares to known and there is no pressure on others.
Listening well to God’s words and tuning your ears to his voice is the best advice and godly counsel that I can offer you today. Whatever you are going through like God advised me, “Come to Me first.” Let him show you how to take a real rest and meet your needs as you ignore all external sideshow distractions.
Thinking about a true story of a widow woman of Zarephath that was in a drought. She had no bread, only a handful of flour, a little jar of oil and a few sticks to cook with so that she could eat her last meal and die along with her son. Though she had her plans all figured out God had a different plan. He instructed Elijah to go to her during the famine and when he had arrived there she would feed him. Keep in mind that Elijah was a prophet anointed and appointed by God.
As Elijah (the sent one by God with the anointing) drew near to this widow woman to request water and food, she stated her case to him. And he told her to continue with her meal planning and preparations, and when she was done to bring him a portion of what she had first. There is the principle of the firsts… Seek first the Kingdom of God, Give God the first of all your increase, The first and greatest command is to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind. We can learn from this widow today and how she got her needs met by responding well to God through Elijah. She had more than enough because she brought the little she had FIRST to God and her containers stayed full.

Take a moment with God… Where are you scarce in your life and in need? Holy Spirit is saying, “Come to Me first.” I want to comfort you, fill you up and meet your needs and give you more than enough through this season. You have a God that has too much. Too much love, peace, favor, finances, wisdom, joy etc. What will be your response to his request? Before you do anything, go before him with expectation to receive. He will tell you and show you great and mighty things as you come to him first.

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2 Responses to “Moments with God”

  1. Rosanne Arias says:

    Your message is very inspirational. Although I am not married, it opened my eyes to my part in this relationship when we do get married. I was in many of your classes at Faith Community Church, and you always inspired me. Thank you for your words.

  2. Charlie Ward says:

    I totally agree with you about fear disrupting your life. Eleven years ago it tore a whole in my world. I had this stroke and had to redirect everything. I drop those links in my life that helped me rust my life, I let God come into my life (thanks to you and a friend), I found more love and understanding in my marriage that I had shut out and I found a NEW ME. Power in the positive is very uplifting and believing that the Lord will see you through ALL will make you a better person for ALL.

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