Moments with God 
“You matter to God”
Banking on the Living God
By Nina Roach
May 24, 2017
Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God. Psalm 20:7 English Standard Version
Some wives and women trust in many things and make their boast, but as we believers we trust in the name of the Lord our God. Banking on the living God at times isn’t the easiest when we are going through tough times in our personal lives and marriages. What we deposit on our upbeat days will make a difference on those more trying days. How have you been feeding yourself and taking in the promises of God. It takes a steady stream of the Word of God to stay alive and thriving in our lives and marriages. We can tell what or who we’re dependant upon when we need comfort, encouragement, peace and love. Are you eating comfort foods, in love or indifferent with our spouse’s and other’s opinions about us, seeking out the approval of man rather than receiving God’s approval. No matter what we face we can bank on God for our spiritual formation and enrichment as well as our physical capacity and needs.
Take a moment with God… In this moment that you have right now go deep within yourself for truth and ask yourself are you really banking on God to do what only He can do you in your personal life and marriage? If your honest response is yes than keep trusting Him. And if you are struggling in your response ask the Holy Spirit help you shed the weight of worry, fear and doubt and to identify what is preventing you in trusting God wholeheartedly. Get doing and reflect. Let the Holy Spirit take you in those places of distrust, so that you can uproot the ungodly beliefs about God and bank on Him like never before. Remember too that God has never left you nor forsaken you and He surely won’t stop now in the middle of the messes in your life. The Holy Spirit is personally texting you and the inscription reads from Psalm 25:3, “You who hope in Me shall never be put to shame.” Rejoice today and bank on the living God, He’s got you!
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  1. Rosanne Arias says:

    Your message is very inspirational. Although I am not married, it opened my eyes to my part in this relationship when we do get married. I was in many of your classes in faith, and you always inspired me. Thank you for your words.

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