Shift Today Radio Summer Series
Wednesday Wellness Live
“Inspiration leading to transformation”
Shift Today Radio is an inspirational and engaging online broadcast aired Wednesdays with Host Nina Roach and Guests that will transform your every area of your life. Wednesday Wellness segments are designed to creatively present opportunities to replenish your spirit, refresh your soul, rejuvenate your body, and yet challenge yourself to take actions of faith as you are renewing your mind from the Word of God. Connect with Believers and Seekers by listening live online through your mobile devices Wednesdays from 7:00 AM – 7:30 AM PST. To make your experience easier, ask questions, share perspectives, or participate in any of our live shows call 424.220.1862. Make the choice today to experience a real change tomorrow. It’s time to make the shift today!


The Mrs. Connection
“Transforming lives and marriages for good” 
Saturday, September 16, 2017
9:30 AM – 12:00 PM
Holiday Inn
3223 E. Garvey Ave. North
West Covina, CA. 91791
At The MRS. Connection our vision is realized as we are aspiring women to live Christ-centered lifestyles before, during and after matrimony. Inspiration, transformation, prayer and lots of aha moments await women that gather at The MRS. Connection. One of the primary benefits for women attending The Mrs. Connection is that they develop and experience an intimate and authentic relationship with God. And a transformed woman who embraces the transforming God will have notable victories in her life and marriage.
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Married Couples
“Enrich your marriage today”
Marriage is created and ordained by God to be holy. He has a blueprint for your life and marriage and His plans are good. There are many tools and resources to strengthen and build you and your spouse up in the many seasons of your marriage. We have provided additional ministry events for you and your spouse to take advantage of all throughout the year that we believe would support the lifespan of your marriage. Whether you desire to Refresh Your Marriage, or need a few reminders that God has called you and your spouse to Love and Respect, a Weekend to Remember to rekindle the fire, whatever you do make sure that you take care and nurture your Marriage Today. We’ve just added a new couple’s marriage retreat to help reduce the divorce rate one marriage at a time The Colorado Marriage RefreshClick the links Refresh Your Marriage, Love and Respect, Weekend to Remember, Marriage Today and The Colorado Marriage Refresh to retrieve additional information for upcoming events.