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Release Your God-Given Authority

By Nina Roach
For I have never spoken on My own initiative or authority, but the Father Himself who sent Me has given Me a commandment regarding what to say and what to speak. John 12:49 Amplified Bible
Your faith can change your world! But no matter how great your measure of faith is, you must release your faith to get the results you desire to see from adverse situations that are negatively affecting you. When we got born again, God and his kingdom moved on the inside of us. God has supreme authority in heaven and through us in the earth as we release him to work on our behalf through his words in our mouths.
Authority never makes requests or begs; authority commands! It leads, charges, governs and requires obedience from, things, evil spirits or circumstances that are out of alignment. Adam failed to release his authority in the earth and Jesus the second Adam regained and transferred his authority to every Holy Spirit-filled believer to rule in their day-to-day walk.  Jesus declared that through the Holy Spirit abiding within us that there would be unlimited power, dunamis power that has the ability to overcome every obstacle that comes against us.
When obstacles come against us, it is our responsibility to release our God-given authority. We are not to shrink back in unbelief and fear, for God has given us a spirit of love, power, and a sound mind. Releasing our spiritual authority will give the Holy Spirit access to hover and grab hold of God’s words in our mouths and bring them to pass for the purpose that we have sent them. We are not sending just any words, we are sending God’s words that we have read, heard and believed.
So how do we release our God-given authority? We release our God-given authority through words that we hear and believe from the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit comes, the Spirit of Truth,  He will guide us into complete truthFor He will not speak on His own initiative, but He will speak whatever He hears [from the Father—the message regarding the Son], and He will disclose to you what is to come [in the future]. This is good news and such a good strategy for us. Our future can be great as we take hold of the words that the Holy Spirit shares with us.
Our world is getting darker and darker and the systems that the world abides by are failing quickly. We are not a part of the world’s systems and though we are in the world we can choose to not be a part of their way of believing, thinking and deciding to get results. The people of this world are toiling, manipulating, and perishing while trying to obtain results. They aren’t aware that their ignorance of God’s word and their beliefs, thoughts, and decisions that they have made are contrary to God’s word. This is why we see such an increase of turmoil and sin. But where sin increased, God’s remarkable, gracious gift of grace, his unmerited favor has surpassed it and increased all the more. We must share this good news of what we have with proof of our faith.
It is time to release the power of God that you have within you and change your world. Just like in the beginning of creation when the earth was formless, void, wasted, and dark, the Holy Spirit was hovering over the face of the deep waters waiting for God to release his authority (words). He was waiting for God’s creative power. And today the Holy Spirit is waiting and listening for you as a god in the earth to release him to work on your behalf.  You and I can no longer afford to put off our responsibilities on God when he has given us his authority to take over the earth. We are not waiting on God. God is waiting for us. Let’s release our God-given authority today and change and maintain our world! 
Faith Declaration: I choose today to change my world with my faith. I release my faith through God’s words in my mouth. My faith says that I am healed and spirit-filled. I am a world-overcomer! Greater is the Holy Spirit within me than he that is in the world. I am the just and I live, move and have my being while here in the earth. I rule not by my own power, initiatives, ideas and might, but by the Spirit of living of God within me. I speak to all the obstacles in my life, “You have no authority over me. My times are in God’s hands and I rest and I am secure in him.”
This Week’s Action of Faith: Reread the Be Transformed Devotional, “.” Listen again or for the first time to SHIFT TODAY RADIO “Wednesday Wellness Live Summer Series The Believer’s Authority “Outsmart Satan and Take Back What Belongs to You” segment and previous segments and meditate on the Word of God so that revelation and strategies can come, that will prepare you to take actions of faith over time.
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