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Return to Sender

By Nina Roach
But you should remind me. Let’s meet and decide what is right. Tell what you have done and show you are right. Isaiah 43:26 New Century Version 
God has given us His authority through Jesus Christ to return the junk, schemes, and lies of the devil back to him. The devil became a defeated foe when Jesus Christ defeated him on the cross and sat above all his spiritual tyrants. Jesus is now legally the ruler over everything. It’s easy to think indifferently because of what we hear and see in our lives, marriages, families, finances, health, communities, and world. Satan knows that he has been defeated and obviously hasn’t surrendered yet to Jesus’ complete authority and that’s why he continues to deceive those who are blinded by his bewitchment. Jesus sits on His throne next to His Father and watches all of His enemies come in one by one under His complete authority.  
Jesus who was once dead is fully alive holding the keys to hell and death. The One who holds the keys has all spiritual authority. Jesus made it quite clear before His ascension that all power and authority has been given to Him. And immediately He conferred or delegated His authority to His church—the Body of Christ, that remained in the earth. And He commanded them to continue in His works with signs and wonders following those who believed in His Name according to Matthew 28:18-19.
The same power that Jesus had in the earth, all Believers now have if they believe in His Name. Jesus is now seated in the heavenly realms with the highest position and spiritual authority that there is and ever will be. Those who are of a religious mindset or unbelievers will try to tell those who don’t rightfully divide the Word of God or know the Word of God that healing is out of date, speaking in tongues has ceased, prayer doesn’t work, casting out demons isn’t real, laying hands on those who are sick isn’t effective and they won’t recover, and don’t even think about raising the dead… blah, blah, blah. As Believers who have been given spiritual authority in Christ Jesus, we can destroy cursed words, cast down wicked imaginations and lies and return them back to the sender, the devil, and speak the truth from God’s Word.
God is a Sender too. He sent life, truth, healing, protection, deliverance, faith and all of His attributes wrapped up in Jesus. Jesus is the Sent One by God. And we are the sent ones too by Jesus to walk in all spiritual authority. Just imagine for a moment that you received a certified letter that invited you and your family to a lifetime membership of confusion, sickness, and disease as much as each of you would like, disunity and dysfunctional marriages and relationships, financial instability, lives without plans and purposes, defeat and every opportunity to live in oppression. With a P.S. from the devil at the end stating that you and your family are special guests with full access to your demise, if agreed upon the terms stated sign here. What would be your response? Oh, I can hear some of them now that I will not write, but I hope immediately you would decline the devil’s offer and rush to the nearest post office and return to the sender or just speak a word in Jesus Name.
The same thing goes for us spiritually. When we receive bad news while we are here in the earth, we can return to the sender by saying what God has said. And also return back to God His Words that will remain and not return empty to our situations if we believe that they won’t. We’ve been given the Name of Jesus that makes Satan go haywire because he knows that Jesus has already defeated him. And if we’re in Christ together we have also defeated him too. We have no need to go back into battle again. Jesus won the battle and the war. We can wage the war successfully by renewing our minds and declare what God has spoken and take actions of faith. This is why we are only called to fight the good fight of faith, not fight the devil and his lil’ oppressors.
For every lying word that Satan whispers in your mind and soul, take charge over it. Gather the promises of God and take authority over those thoughts and situations and command them to come out of your life, marriage, children, body, finances, family, relationships, ministries, and purposes and to go now wherever Jesus sends them far away from you and those you love. Stop the enemy from buffeting you and protect what is rightfully yours. As a Believer take authority over it and return to sender.
Faith Declaration: Today I return all that has been offered and suggested to me by the enemy. I walk by faith and not by what I feel, touch, taste, smell, and hear. I fight the good fight of faith and wage a good war over all the spiritual tyrants and giants. Satan is a defeated foe and I overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony. I have the authority of Jesus Christ and I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I am seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus and rule from above over adversities that come while I’m here in the earth. I have been granted access to all that Jesus has.
This Week’s Action of Faith:  Reread the Be Transformed Devotional. As adverse situations arise in any areas of your life return back to God the truth and His promises and return back to Satan his lies and suggestions. Walk by faith and not by sight. Listen again or for the first time SHIFT TODAY RADIO “Wednesday Wellness Live Summer Series “The Believer’s Spiritual Authority Return to Sender”  segment and previous segments and meditate on the Word of God so that revelation and strategies can come that will prepare you to take actions of faith. 
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