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At Shift Today Ministries we are thrilled for the opportunities that God allows us to partner with him in.  We believe that through the power of God’s word, love and experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit transformation is possible for you and those you care about. 
If you would like to have Nina Roach at your next event, ministry conference, church gathering, women’s retreat or wedding please complete your requests with all of your details below. We count it as a privilege and honor that God has chosen us to partner with Him to transform lives through the power of His Word, love and Holy Spirit.  We are so excited for the invitations that we receive and our earnest desire is to not miss any opportunities to partner with you.  We are sensitive to meeting your ministry needs.  And this is why we ask to please consider joining us in prayer, so that we accurately hear God’s voice and respond to the leadership and the direction of the Holy Spirit who helps us make the best choices to where to go. We are currently accepting invitations for 2018-2020.
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